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We are happy to take animal requests but we can never make guarantees

Ball python

Booking your Wild Times Exotics party couldn't be any easier! First, pick between a petting zoo and an educational show. Next,decide what length of time you want us at your party and how many animals you want. Lastly, give us a call or email. It's that simple! What are you waiting for? It's going to be a wild time

Our 1 Hour Silver package includes 7 animals total with 6 standard animals and 1 VIP animal for $350. 

1 Hour Silver Package

Our 1 Hour Gold package includes 7 animals total with 5 standard animals and 2 VIP animals for $375.

1 Hour Gold


1 Hour Platinum Package

Our 1 Hour Platinum package includes 7 animals total with 4 standard animals and 3 VIP animals for $400.

The Diamond Package

Looking for the ultimate birthday party celebration? Then our Diamond package is what you need.  We bring a total of 10 animals (6 standard and 4 VIP) to your party.  With this package, you also get one Wild Times Exotics T-Shirt and $25 off an applicable travel fee or a free upgrade to our large snake. All of this for $600

Wild Times Exotics t-shirt

Sloth Encounter

Approximately 60-minute sloth encounter. Up to 3 people max are allowed to hold while others can pet. No limit on the crowd size but it is imperative to provide a quiet and calm environment $450

Travel Fee
The first 10 miles each way are free. Anything beyond is $1.25/mile each way

ZOO to YOU parties with Wild Times Exotics are as hands on as possible. However, some parties are so large that we have to limit the amount of petting, holding and feeding of animals.  Also, some animals require a 2nd handler such as our 10ft Albino Burmese Python.  To achieve as much interaction as possible or to get animals that require a 2nd handler, you can request an additional handler to be present at your party.  Additional handlers are available at $50/hour.

If you've already booked your show or are thinking of booking a show, please click below to read the terms for having a Wild Times Exotics show.


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